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HELP iPhone Calculate Step Length

You will need a tape measure and a calculator.

1.  Measure off a given distance.

Measure at least 10 feet and mark the beginning and the end with some kind of a marker.  I have a 35 foot tape measure and started at one wall and measured until I passed an existing marker  like a doorway.  My distance was 33 feet.  The longer you can make the distance, the more accurate it will be.

2.  Walk and count

Starting at the first marker (the wall in my case), walk the distance you marked and count the steps.  When you reach the ending marker (the door in my case), write down the number of steps you took.  Repeat this step at least 5 times and write down the steps.  Be sure to walk at your normal pace on a flat surface.

3.  Calculate your step length

Now we need to calculate the average of the steps in your count.  Add all the steps together and then divide by the number of times you stepped off your distance.

My steps were: 16.5, 16, 16, 16.5, 15.5.

Add your numbers together.  I totalled 80.5 steps.  I stepped off the distance 5 times, so 80.5 divided by 5.   80.5/ 5 = 16.1.  In my case, I stepped an average of 16 steps in the 33 feet.

Now we need to finally calculate the length of your step.  33 times 12 to get the total inches then divide by 16.   33 * 12 / 16 = 24.75 inches per step.

4. Program your step length into NutriLife

In NutriLife,  go to Tools and Setup -> Setup – Info -> User Setup.  Select your name on the list and slide down to the Step Length.  Enter your step length, in my case 25. (round the steps to the whole number).

Here is the synopsis of this process:
  1. 1. Measure a set distance of at least 10 feet and mark the start and stop
  2. 2. Step off the distance and count your steps. Do this at least 5 time
  3. 3. Calculate your average number of steps for the given distance
  4. 4. Calculate your step length.  Step Length = Distance * 12 / average steps
  5. 5. Enter you step length into NutriLife



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Purchase NutriLife for Android

Purchase NutriLife for Android

Purchase NutriLife for Android

Purchase NutriLife for Android

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